The Bethlen Home Messenger, 1999-2000 (1-3. szám)

1999-12-01 / 1. szám

pligljítgijts PRESENTS FOR PATIENTS REACHES GOAL Thank you for sharing the true spirit of Christmas this Holiday Season. Through your donations and support to the Presents for Patients Program, all of our residents have been adopted for this year. Your generosity will provide a gift for each resident that will be distributed during Christmas Week. The resident will also be made aware of their donor. Many "Thanks" to the following who participated in our Presents for Patients. Many "Thanks" to the following who made donations to the General Activity Fund for the Holiday Season. Your donations will be used toward a variety of ac­tivities throughout the Holiday Season, such as sleigh rides, entertainment for our parties, etc. Lois Moore Virginia M. Kennedy Rita Misner Mary Lou Murphy Betty Zak Rudolph F. Phillips Ann Morrow Eleanor Bodnar Frank Bachkai Anne M. Harp Gilbert and Nancy Lenhart Jim and Theresa Rogers Carl and Gloria Whipkey Janet and Donald Naylor Roberta Mayer Ronald and Margaret Donahoe Charles Chasar William and Lavonne Watts Helen and George Green Donna and Howard Hinkle Bela and Maria Toth Eugene and Eleanor Seiling Robert and Eloise Jack Margaret and Charles Freidhof Edward and Irene Smiley Judy and David Solomon George Sasvary Margaret Body Sandra S. Mellon Raymond Gibas Earnest and Cindy Carr Steven Szucs Irene Pheiffer Mr. and Mrs. Laszlo Eszenyi Mr. and Mrs. David A. Stanley Gertrude Gibas Terez Kaszap Helen Rose Betty J. McCoy Paul Orbán Priscilla Mercurio Earl and Fay Cochran Mr. August Magyar Aladar and Anna Burgyan Tony McCurdy Maria Peluso Ron Cornell Loretta Nace Barb Volpe Louis and Ethel Fodor Mrs. Charles Kovács Dr. Julius and Miriam Seemann Sam and Louise Vespremi Linda and Dave Smith Beatrice Volkman Elizabet and John Gallo Thelma Iscrupe Louis and Evelyn Nanassy Beulah and Harold Henry Rosalie and David Gross Joseph and Mary Rager Evelyn Pritts Elizabeth Hamilton David and Roxanne Naugle Paulette Lange Barry Gregorich Carl and Irma Majtenyi Pete Picadio Marshall Schober Helen Rose Emery and Olga Wargo Joseph and Margaret Kolozi Joseph M. Kovács Magyar Reformed Church the Women's Guild of Perth Amboy, New Jersey John and Nancy G. Hagopian Robert and Alexandra L. Myron Louise Kears Lloyd C. Santmyer Jane Ankney Mary Jane Juhasz Margaret Balder Jean Esson Marie Piestor Sue Csapó James and Vivian Wilhite The Hungarian Grace Reformed Church UCC from Gary, Indiana The Byers-Tosh American Legion Auxiliary Unit 267 Charles Toth Earle and Michele Wittpenn Emma Walter Dr. John E. Salem Col. Ret. Magdalene Sasvary William and Helen Szuch William James Szuch Nicolae and Judith Zilahy Mr. and Mrs. Cornelius J. Haring Eugene and Blanche Sekeres Harry and Margaret Schroeder Marie Seiling Frank Wineland Betty MacDonald George Wilt Ken Byers Doris Irwin James Gaiko Lenora M. Armstrong Joseph and Margaret Geng Kenneth R. Wolfe Millie Brallier Ann Foster John Howard Smith Geary Luther Gizella Modly Carl Kurtz George Maquire IN MEMORY The Activity Department would like to take this op­portunity to "Thank" the family members of the fol­lowing former residents: Carl Kurtz, Betty MacDonald, Marie Seiling, Jane Luther, Geary Luther and Ken Byers for their recent memorial contributions to the Activity Department from friends, and family of the loved ones listed above. Your kindness and support are very much appreciated. Many "Thanks" to the following donors who sent memorials in memory of former loved ones for the Holiday Season. Barry and Gail Barnhart Goldie Kurtz and Family Golden Age Club of Ligonier Elmer and Sylvia Foley Connie Kellner Louis Geresi Eleanor Palatini Mr. and Mrs. A. E. Walker Donald E. Beaken Rev. Hugh and Eileen Stouppe Daniel and Harriet Malloy Eva Konya Marian Nicely gépest The staff extends their deepest sympathy to the family and friends of the following former residents.