Hedvig Győry: Mélanges offerts a Edith Varga „Le lotus qui sort de terre” (Bulletin du Musée Hongrois des Beaux-Arts Supplément 1. Budapest, 2001)

JOHN GEE: Towards an Interpretation of Hypocephali

BM 37907 (8445a) 4 Type lb depicts a boat scene. Examples include: Cairo 3171 (SR 10694), 5 Cairo JdE 34372 (SR 10697) Type Ic depicts the four-headed god that E. Varga has designated Ha. Examples include: Torino 16346 (2326). Type II Type II Hypocephali have two registers. Type Ha includes scenes containing a cow on one register and a man or god holding a scepter on the other, scenes that E. Varga has designated la and III. Examples include: location unknown 6 Type lib contains a four-headed diety (that E. Varga has designated Ha) on one register and a boat scene on the other. Examples include: British Museum 8446, 7 Cairo CG 9443 (SR 10699, JdE 30615),* and Torino 16347 (2325). Type lie includes the four-headed deity that E.Varga has designated Ha on one register and a scene with a cow that E. Varga has designated III on the other. Examples include: Ashmolean 88, 9 and location unknown. 10 Type lid contains scenes with baboons. Examples include: Petrie Museum UC 16409 AM 134C, Philadelphia 29-87-613, the Walter Myers hypocephalus," and location unknown. 12 4 S. Birch, (no title), PSBA 6 (1884), pp. 129-30. s G. Daressy, Textes et dessins magiques, Caire 1903, p. 57, n. 1. '' A. Burnet, Enquête cartonnage de momie, CdE 27 (1951), pp. 111-12. 7 S. Birch, An Account of the Unrolling of a Mummy at Florence, Belonging to the Grand Duke of Tuscany of Prof. Migliarini, Archaeologia 36 (1855), p. 172; Birch, op. cit. (note 4), pp. 170-71. * Daressy, op. cit. (note 5), pp. 49-50. " W. L. Nash, Notes on Some Egyptian Antiquities. XVII, PSBA 38, (1916), pp. 35-36. 10 W. L. Nash, Notes on Some Egyptian Antiquities, PSBA 33 (1911), pp. 106-8, pi. 14, fig. 53. " S. Birch, Hypocephalus in the Collection of Walter Myers, PSBA 7 (1885), p. 174. 12 Description de l'Egypte, Paris 1812, vol. 2, pi. 58.