Hedvig Győry: Mélanges offerts a Edith Varga „Le lotus qui sort de terre” (Bulletin du Musée Hongrois des Beaux-Arts Supplément 1. Budapest, 2001)

JOHN GEE: Towards an Interpretation of Hypocephali

Type He contains a boat scene and a series of deities bearing knives. Examples include: Cairo 9447 (SR 10685, JdE 29768). 13 Type III Type III Hypocephali have three registers. Although there are some variations, the content is almost identical. Examples include: Berlin 7792, Bologna B 2025, British Museum 35875 (8445c), British Museum 36188 (8445e), British Museum 37908 (8445Í), British Museum 37909 (8445d), Cairo 9444 (SR 10686, JdE 306 16), 14 Cairo 9445 (SR 10688, JdE 29520), 15 Cairo 9446 (SR 10687, JdE 2952 1),' 6 Hermitage 2971, Hermitage 8737, 17 the Joseph Smith Hypocephalus, 18 Louvre E 18940, Louvre N 3525 Bl/3, the Moir Bryce hypocephalus, 19 Petrie Museum UC 16407 (AM 134A), Petrie Museum UC 16408 (AM 134.b.2), Philadelphia L-55-15D, " Daressy, op. cit. (note 5), pp. 53-54. 14 Daressy, op. cit. (note 5), pp. 50-52, pl. XIII. 15 Daressy, op. cit. (note 5), p. 52, pl. XIII. " Daressy, op. cit. (note 5), p. 53, pl. XIII. 17 Varga, op. cit. (note I), fig. 26. 11 Times and Seasons (15 March 1842). The discussions of the various publications of this hypocephalus by G. E. Free­man, The Osins-Shoshenq Hypocephalus, SSEA Newsletter, 5/2 (1974), pp. 4-9, plates 1-6 and J. R. Clark, The Story of the Pearl of Great Price, Salt Lake City 1955, pp. 213-18, have been largely ignored and thus the more inaccurate ver­sions are generally reproduced, e.g. J. A. Larson, Joseph Smith and Egyptology: An Early Episode in the History of American Speculation about Ancient Egypt, 1835-1844, in: D. P. Silverman (ed.), For His Ka: Essays Offered in Mem­oiy of Klaus Baer, Chicago 1994, p. 175. Neither Freeman nor Clark is accurate on their historical information. For a concise chart illustrating the differences between the various publications, see J. Gee, A Guide to the Joseph Smith Papyri, Foundation for Ancient Research and Mormon Studies, 2000, Provo, Utah 2000, p. 7. "Nash, op. cit. (note 10), pp. 106-8, pi. 14, fig. 53.