Magyar News, 1997. szeptember-1998. augusztus (8. évfolyam, 1-12. szám)

1997-09-01 / 1. szám

Volume VIII, Issue 1 Bridgeport, September 1997 With my son, Justin, l visited Hungary this summer. 1 was looking for memories, found some, then saw many changes that confused my memories. We both, Justin and 1, were eager to find out what historical state Hungary is at. We didn t have time or the means to study matters, but we had an open mind and an open heart. We would like to share our experience with you. I THE MOTHERLAND by Justin Margitay-Balogh My eyes see your beauty, Your people warm my soul. My intellect understands your problems. My heart cries for you, | And my mouth speaks of Prayers for your future. May God bless and Keep the Hungarian people Sunset in Budapest as seen from our hotel window. Photo Justin Margitay-Balogh