Magyar Herald, 1996 (1. szám)

1996 / 1. szám

1996 First Issue NEWSLETTER OF THE MAGYAR CLUB OF CLEVELAND A MAGYAR HERALD "PERPETUATING HUNGARIAN CULTURE SINCE 1924" „A múlt erős, gazdag gyökér, jelen, jövő a múltból él.~4rony János.. The PAST is a rich and strong hidden source, from it PRESENT, FUTURE obtains life and force!” CLEVELAND STARTED ITS 200th IN A BIG WAY: Disney World Slid City Into 1996 As the New Year arrived, "the fanfare for Cleveland" went on the air. Cleve­land began the all year long Bicenten­nial Celebration with a big bang - with the largest side-show spectacular in history - 31 stories high between the 5th and 36th floors of the Terminal Tower building on Public Square. At the stroke of midnight Auld Lang Syne was played as the huge number 200 ap­peared in digits 400 feet high. The incredibly diverse city started the Bicentennial with a real blow out for a year-long birthday celebration on the shores of Lake Erie. As soon as the first permanent settlement took place under Moses Cleveland in 1796, all great immigrations brought new blood to the City in successive waves, créât-200 ing a splendid mosaic of all different nationalities. Each new wave built a dif­ferent village. One hundred and five years ago, the magyars entered Cleve­land, building two separate villages on the East side and on the West side. All Hungarian first churches of all denomi­nations were built here and all first Mag­yar organizations started in this City. The first wave of large immigration from Hungary of the 1890's was followed by the largest numbers of all successive historical waves first into this Lake Erie City. Cleveland rightfully was dubbed the "Magyar Debrecen" in America. Recently, Cleveland adopted Miskolc as a sister-city in Hungary. "Nobles Obligé" - Since all Hungar­ian firsts in America started from Cleve­land, the Cleveland magyars will have to act nobly and perform noble acts in this Bicentennial Year, no matter how difficult the endeavor may be for the loyal magyars in such a far-away land! Cleveland's 200th year will have to be a true and real "TE DEUM CELEBRA­TION YEAR" for all Hungarians - here and everywhere! LP—I__n_ Happy New Year to all Magyar club members\f tlye readers o Magyar Herald! Lapunk minden olvasójának Istenben megáldott boldog újévet kívánunk a magyar szív minden melegével! Magyaroknak mindenhol az avasalján fekvő Miskolc testvér városunk minden lakójának külön kivételezéssel kíván boldog 1996-ot a 200-ik évét ünneplő Cleveland magyarsága! M.H.H. HUNGARY! HISTORY! HOPE!