Magyar Herald, 1989 (1-3. szám)

1989 / 1. szám

1st QUARTER, 1989 QUARTERLY NEWS LETTER OF THE MAGYAR CLUB OF CLEVELAND MAGYAR HERALD “PERPETUATING HUNGARIAN CULTURE SINCE 1 9 2 4 ” Our Magyar Club of Cleveland entered into its sixty-fifth Year It was in February of the year 1924 when a young lawyer became aware of the fact that the cultural achieve­ments of the Hungarians should be made known to all the nationalities in Cleveland. It was with this idea in mind that Louis Petrash, who became a Legislator and a Judge in the Municipal Court of Cleveland, helped organize the Magyar Club of Cleveland. Many successful business and professional men of Hungarian background joined the group and helped accomplish the purpose as stated in the Preamble: „In order to derive the benefits of Magyar Art, Science, Literature and Music, and to encourage the con­tinuance of Hungarian Culture in all its aspects, and to aid Hungarians in America to achieve prominence in the Arts, Sciences, Literature and Music; shall be the purpose of The Magyar Club of Cleveland. ” The founders of the Magyar Club, all the past workers who sustained the organization and the present members who are keeping alive the spirit and tradition while planning and preparing for the future, made and make, the MAGYAR CLUB. Now as we have entered into the Year of 1989 the goals are the same today as they were in the beginning. The original ideals are being continued through the social, cultural and educational activities. That old dream of the young lawyer is now history. Still at the helm of Hungarian cultural endeavors, the Magyar Club today has been bolstered and enriched by many newly arrived Hungarians as well as emerging young professionals, guided by the wisdom of many who were there when it all began in 1924. The Magyar Club looks back proudly on its first 64 years, and looks ahead with hope and confidence to the future. „Meleg szeretettel függj a hon nyelvén! mert haza, nemzet és nyelv, három egymástól válhatatlan do­log; s ki ez utolsóért nem buzog, a két elsőért áldo­zatokra kész lenni nehe­zen fog.” Kölcsey Ferenc With loving devotion be un­failingly loyal to the lan­guage of your motherland! Motherland, nation and lan­guage are three inseparable realities; whoever is not zea­lous toward the last will ne­ver bring sacrifice for the former two. r Ferenc Kölcsey the writer of magyar national anthem: “Isten áldd meg a magyart!"