Magyar Herald, 1989 (1-3. szám)

1989 / 1. szám

Page 2 MAGYAR HERALD 1st QUARTER, 1989 Jlíaiiuar (Chth of QUetrelanb OFFICERS 1988—1989 PRESIDENT Theodore Toth 8501 Countryside Drive Sagamore Hills, Ohio 44067 VICE PRESIDENT James L. Hudak 13534 Mohawk Trail Middleburgh Hts., Ohio 44130 SECRETARY Elizabeth Kondorossy 1890 E. 107 Street #736 Cleveland, Ohio 44106 TREASURER John S. Veres 7512 McCreary Road Seven Hills, Ohio 44131 DIRECTORS - 1989 Imre Balassa Laszlo Bojtos Frank Dobos DIRECTORS - 1990 Emery J. Szabo Lewis Robinson Zoltán Toth DIRECTORS - 1991 Dr. Géza Szentmiklósy Éles Dr. John Palasics Frank Wagner HISTORIAN Dr. Dezső J. Ladanyi AUDITOR George Csatary The Official Publication of the Rákóczi Foundation-International (USA) and Rákóczi Foundation (Canada) Hungarian Heritage iRnmnu October 31, 1988 Dear Dr. Szabo: Thank you for sending us a copy of your quarterly is a job well done! The fact that the “Magyar Herald” is published in English impressed us in particularly because it is the way to go to help keep the Hungarian Heritage alive and well in the years to come. Also to insure the longevity of the Magyar Club of Cleveland, as well as all other Hungarian clubs and organizations in America. Our firm belief is based upon the statistical fact that for every Hungarian-born citizen in the US today, there are four (4) American­­born citizens of Hungarian descent, most of whom can neither read, write nor speak in Hungarian, yet who are conscious of their heritage. This represents a great potential for Hungarian churches, clubs and organiza­tions, but not many are reaching out for it. Consequently, far too many are slowly but surely experiencing a decrease in membership attributable to natural attrition, and this downward trend clearly indicates that even­tually many of them will no longer remain in existence. Such a decline, of course, will have a considerable adverse impact upon the Hungarian community in America, as well as upon the public image of our Hunga­rian heritage. To help avoid such a disaster, by reaching out to American citizens of Hungarian descent in their own language, which is English and not Hungarian, is what we have been trying to achieve. And this is why we were glad to see that your newsletter is also published in English and that if it is made available to American-born citizens of Hungarian descent in your immediate area, who are not yet members of your club, it will induce some of them to join. This is the urgent need not only at present, but also for the future. Very truly yours, Paul Pulitzer Executive Editor Helping to bridge the “language-gap" between the older generation of Hungarians and THE NEW generation of American and Canadian-born citizens of Hungarian descent for the preservation, protection, and perpetuation of the Hungarian Heritage in North America, while helping to promote greater public understanding of and apprecia­tion for the Hungarian contribution to the quality of life in the United States and Canada. Report on our Annual Christmas Party The 1988 Annual Christmas Party of our Magyar Club was held on De­cember 17 at Judson Manor Ball­room. It turned out again — as usual — to be the greatest Gala-event of the year. László Bojtos was the chairman and all the credit goes to him for the detailed arrangements of this momen­tous occurence year after year. Eliza­beth D. Kondorossy aquired the elegant location for us repeatedly. Most appropriate Christmas Pray­er, given by the Rt. Rev. Dr. Stephen Szabo, introduced the solemn occa­sion. The words of greetings were ex­pressed by President Theodore Toth. Very delicious Dinner was served in style for our attending members and their guests around the festive tables artistically decorated with Christmas designs in attractive colors. Dinner music was performed by the Béla Ba­­rath Orchestra. Classical compositions of Schubert, Mozart, Handel and Reger were pre­sented by Emilie B. Lotz accompanied by Theofil Lant with artistic charm and grace. Csilla Csiszár recited Christmas poems both in Hungarian and English with class and flair. The program was followed by the Christ­mas Sing-Along and ended with raffle and dance into the late hours.