Szeredi Pál: A nemzetépítő demokratikus ellenállás dokumentumai 1956-1967 (Pilisszentkereszt, 2016)

Farkas Ferenc kísérőlevele a demokratikus erők kibontakozási javaslatához

Farkas Ferenc kísérőlevele A DEMOKRATIKUS ERŐK KIBONTAKOZÁSI JAVASLATÁHOZ His Excellency K. P. S. Menon, Embassador of Bharat24 Budapest Your Eycellency Enclosed you will find thw plan of settlement entitled „Statement on the basic principles of the State, socias and economic system of Hungary and ont he ways and means of a political settlement” wich I respectfully present to your Excellency in Hungarian, English and Russian language. This Statement case into being through callating all the plans wich were worked out since November 4, 1956 by respensible political factors and wich, in their majority, were already handed over to your Excellency. This plan was considered is detail by and gained the full accord of the leader of the Independent Smallholders’ Party, Mr. Béla Kovács, who is the scantime has left for the countryside. The Petőfi Party (former National Peasant Party), represented by myself, and the Secretary General of the Social Democrat Party, the Workers’ Central Council of Great Budapest, the Hungarian Pessants’ League, the Revolutionary Council of Hungarian Brain Workers and the Hungarian Writers Association similarly have expressed their approval in writing. The enclosed plan was elaborated is the hope that the moral position of Prime Minister Javaharlar Nehru, respected the whole world over, and his pesce policity 24 Bharat, India hindi nyelvű elnevezése. 34