Szekessy Vilmos (szerk.): A Magyar Természettudományi Múzeum évkönyve 40. (Budapest 1947)

Kretzoi, M.: New names for mammals. (Notes on nomenclature, No. 3.)

286 (S c h r e b e r's Säugeth., Suppl. 2. p. 579.) erected for Tenrecines. from Madagascar. I propose to replace Pome l's name with Scap­togale n. nom. pro P o m e 1 1853. 3. Martes intermedia Heller 1933 nec Severtzow 1873. Heller separates the marten remains from the „Preglacial" of the Sackdillinger Höhle from the recent form under the spécifia name M. intermedia, preoccupied by M. intermedia (Severtzow 1873). I propose to replace it with Martes vêtus n. nom. pro Hel­ler 1933. 4. Ursus spelaeus rossicus Borissiak 1930 nec Gray 1864. Borissiak described 1930 (C.-R. Ac. Sei. URSS. 1930. pp. 459—462.) the little Kuban region cave bear under this name, preoccupied by Ursus arctos sub-var. rossicus Gray 1864 (Proc. Zool. Soc. 1864. p. 682.), I change in Spelaeus spelaeus borissiaki n. nom. (pro Borissiak 1930). 5. Alopecodon Viret 1933 nec Broom 1908. Alopecodon was erected by Viret (Trav. du Labor, de GéoL Fac. Sei. Lyon, Fase. 21. Mém. 18. pp. 9—15. Lyon, 1933.) for a new miocene Canid type based on Cephalogale gaillardi Wegner 1913. Being this generic name preoccupied by Alopecodon Broom 1908, founded by this author on a new group of mammal-like triassic Rep­tiles (Ami. South Afric. Mus. 4. p. 361.), the generic name of Viret' s new Canid genus is to bee changed; I propose the name Viretius n. nom. pro Viret 1933. (Genoholot.: Cephalogale gaillardi Wegner 1913.) 6. Cervus axis javanicus Koenigswald 1933 nec Gmelin 1766. The name javanicus given by von Koenigswald (Dienst van den Mijnbouw in Nederl.-Ind., Wetensch. Mededeel. No. 23. pp. 65—70. Batavia, 1933.) for a new form of Axis is preoccupied by Cervus javanicus of Gmelin from 1766 (the type of the Musk­deer). The name proposed by von Koenigswald will be sub­stituted by Axis sunda n. nom. pro Koenigswald 1933).