Czére Andrea szerk.: A Szépművészeti Múzeum közleményei (Budapest, 2008)

DÉNES GABLER AND ANDRÁS MÁRTON: Head-Pots in the Antiquities Collection

HEAD'POTS IN THE ANTIQUITIES COLLECTION DENES GABLER AND ANDRÁS MÁRTON The Antiquities Collection of the Budapest Museum of Fine Arts has recently acquired three ceramic figure vases in the shape of human heads, and a fourth jug with a spout in the shape of a grotesque male head. Ml are Roman, and belong to the general class of oinophoroi (wine jugs). 1. LAGYNOS WITH SPOUT IN THE SHAPE OF A MALE GROTESQUE HEAD 1 (FIG. 1-2) Concave base; symmetrical biconic body. Neck meets body at a sharp angle. Neck short; under the lip a male head modelled with grotesque features. The upper and lower halves of the body were made in two separate moulds and pressed together, with the join afterwards smoothed 1 LAGYNOS WITH SPOUT IN SHAPE OF A HUMAN HEAD FROM ASIA MINOR