Kasza Péter (szerk.): Stephanus Brodericus - Epistulae (Bibliotheca Scriptorum Medii Recentisque Aevorum, Series Nova XIV., Argumentum Kiadó - Magyar Országos Levéltár, Budapest, 2012)

STEPHANUS BRODERICUS EPISTULAE (Bibliotheca Scriptorum Medii Recentisque Aevorum. Series Nova. Tomus XVI István Brodarics (around 1480-1539) is one of the most prominent Humanists of the 16th century. His fame is based on his brief report on the Battle of Mohács, a uniquely valuable source. Apart from this masterpiece of Humanistic historical literature he produced no other work. Nonetheless, as a travelling diplomat he maintained extensive correspondence with many prominent European figures of the time: monarchs, statesmen, fellow Humanists. Brodarics lived at a time when the medieval Hungarian Kingdom was falling apart. His letters are important sources on this momentous period of crisis. The current volume is the first attempt to produce a critical edition of his remained correspondence in its entirety with exten­sive footnotes. The work summarises over ten years of scholarly research and is worthy of the attention of historians and literary and cultural historians who study this period. ARGUMENTUM KIADÓ MAGYAR ORSZÁGOS LEVÉLTÁR BUDAPEST ISBN 978-963-446-660-4