R. Gergely (ed.): Microcard catalogue of the rare hebrew codices, manuscripts and anciens prints in the Kaufmann Collection reproduced on microcards

MICROCARD CATALOGUE of the rare hebrew codices, manuscripts and ancient prints in the KAUFMANN COLLECTION reproduced on microcards Introduced by a lecture of the late Prof. Ignácz Goklziher Budapest Publishing House of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences 1959 I THE KAUFMANN HAGGADAH Facsimile Edition of MS 422 of the Kaufmann Collection in the Oriental Library of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences. Editor: R. Gergely. With an introduction by Prof. Alexander Scheiber. On 114+ 29 pages, in full size (20 x 25 cm) printed in ten colours. Second Edition S 18.00 From Reviews of first edition ,,Executed by an artist of un­questionable talent, the Haggadah is richly illuminated with minia­tures and designs of biblical and historical scenes and illustrations of the Seder ceremonies. The va­riety of color employed by the artist required ten colors to re­produce the manuscript by the plioto-offset process. The present publication appears to be an ex­ellent reproduction of the original. Attractively bound, the Kaufmann Haggadah will be of interest not only to art historians but to all lovers of books of beauty." (Circle in Jewish Bookland, New York.) ,,Es ist ein ästhetischer Genuss, diese auch geschmackvoll gebun­dene Haggadah zur Hand zu neh­men und sie von Seite zu Seite zu betrachten." ÍMitteilungsblatt Ir­gun Olej Merkas Europa.)