Savaria - A Vas Megyei Múzeumok értesítője 23/2. (1996) (Szombathely, 1996)

Ádám, László: The species of Staphylinidae from Őrség (Coleoptera)

SAVARIA A VAS MEGYEI MÚZEUMOK ÉRTESÍTŐJE (1996) Szombathely 23/2 (Pars historico-naturalis) 1996 Natural History of őrség Landscape Conservation Area, 1996 THE SPECIES OF STAPHYLINIDAE FROM ORSEG (COLEOPTERA) László ÁDÁM 1 The species of Staphylinldae from Őrség (Coleoptera) — Locality data of 334 species of Staphylinidae collected in the territory of Őrség (Western Transdanubia, Hungary) are listed. Sixteen species, Micropeplus longipen­nis Kraatz, 1859, Geodromicus kunzei (Heer, 1839), Ochthephilus omalinus (Erichson, 1840), Hesperophilus defensus (Fauvel, 1872), H. pallipes (Gravenhorst, 1806), Nestus phyllobates (Penecke, 1901), Tesnus eumerus (Kiesenwetter, 1850), Ocypus brevipennis (Heer, 1839), Sepedophilus con­stant (Fowler, 1888), Gyrophaena poweri Crotch, 1866, Placusa depressa Mäklin, 1845, Cathyusa scitula (Erichson, 1837), Dasygnypeta velata (Erichson, 1837), Amischa soror (Kraatz, 1856), Hydrosmecta longula (Heer, 1839) and Dimetrota cadaverina (Brisout, 1860) are recorded from Hungary for the first time. A further species, Geodromicus suturalis (Lacordaire, 1835), is reported as new for the Hungarian fauna, however, this species was collected outside of the area of őrség. INTRODUCTION As for the species of the beetle family Staphylinidae, only scattered locality data have been published so far from the area of őrség. For example, the occur­rence of some species deposited in the Janus Pannonius Museum have been men­tioned in ÁDÁM'S (1995) paper. This family is represented by about 1200 species in Hungary, of which 334 ones have been known to occur in the territory of őrség (see Table L). The col­lected material is deposited in the collection of the Hungarian Natural History Mu­seum (Department of Zoology, Budapest), Janus Pannonius Museum (Pécs), Mátra Museum (Gyöngyös) and Savaria Museum (Szombathely). Concerning the species characteristic for Őrség some examples may be given in the following: Mi­cropeplus longipennis, Olophrum austriacum, Hesperophilus cribricollis, H. defen­sus, H. pallipes, Nestus phyllobates, Tesnus eumerus, Paederus brevipennis, Bis­nius cyanipennis, Paragabrius nigrita, Euryporus picipes, Schinomosa lepida, Tachyporus corpulentus, Gyrophaena williamsi. Most of these species have spo­Hungarian Natural History Museum H-1088 Budapest, Baross utca 13., Hungary Vig, K. (ed.): Natural History of őrség Landscape Conservation Area II. 1996 Savaria Múzeum, Szombathely — ISSN 0230-1954