Levéltári Szemle, 35. (1985)

Levéltári Szemle, 35. (1985) 4. szám - HÍREK - Baracsi Erzsébet: Levéltári sajtószemle: válogatás: 1985. május–augusztus / 106–108. o.

Contents István G. Vass : Two Discussions about the Limit for Archival Value 3 Éva Kisasszondy: The Conditions of Ecclesiastical Archives . . . . 12 László Böőr: The Archival Acceptance and Arrangement of the Socialist Period Records of Cooperatives in the Pest County Archives 15 Ferenc Szaniszló: Computerised Registration of Authorities in the Heves County Archives 21 Tibor Iványosi-Szabó: Tax and Tithe Registration in a Market-Town of the Great Hungarian Plain, 1689 (Research-metodological investigation) II. part 27 Péter E. Kovács: The Ecclesiastical Privileges of Kassa in the 13 th Century 35 Haraid Prickler: Old Measurements in Vas County 42 Gábor Farkas: The Reorganizational Questions of the Administrative Committee Economic Subcommittee (1948—1949) 49 * # * Nándor Bohony: Report about the Discussion of the Book Sándor Kávássy: Introduction into the Historical Sciences 54 Pál Lappints: The Utilization of Archival Sources in the History Teaching at Primary Schools 61 * # * Zsigmond Gyarmathy: The Experiences of Record Officer Training Cources in Szabolcs-Szatmár County 64 József Jároli: The Organisational Experiences of Record Officer Training Cources in Békés County 68 ABROAD Miklós Raft: Opening Speech at the First European Archival Conference 71 Iván Borsa: The First European Archival Conference 72 BOOKS NEWS 111