S. Mahunka szerk.: Folia Entomologica Hungarica 51. (Budapest, 1990)

Fourth European Congress of Entomology XIII. Internationale Symposium für die Entomofaunistik Mitteleuropas Gödöllő, 1991 Dear Colleague, the Hungarian Entomological Society, the Hungarian Natural History Museum and the Plant Protection Institute of the Hungarian Academy of Sciences have the pleasure to invite you to a joint entomological event, the Fourth European Congress of Entomology and the XIII. Sympo­sium of the Societas Internationalis Entomofaunistica Europae-Centralis to be held in Gödöllő (Hungary) from the 1st to 6th September, 1991. The main theme of the event is with the following sub-themes: 1. New methods in entomology, 2. Indication and monitoring-, 3. Interrelationships between arthropod communities of agrobiotopes and undisturbed areas', A. Recent zoogeographical changes in Űte Palearctic, 5. Entomofaunistics in Central Europe. Within the same framework will be organized 6. the meeting of European Heteropterologists (Hete*m>ptera 1991) and workshops 7. on soil arthropods and 8. on new entomological cooperation in the new Europe. Location of the event (including accommodation): buildings of the Agricultural University in Gödöllő (about 30 km from Budapest). Languages of lectures: English for the Congress, German for the Symposium. We do hope this bilingual event can and will promote mutual understanding and cooperation, on personal as well as on scientific level. INSECTS and their ENVIRONMENT Organizing Committee ECE/SIEEC Hungarian Natural History Museum Budapest, Baross u. 13 H-1088 Hungary