Washingtoni Krónika, 1988. szeptember-1989. március (13. évfolyam, 1-3. szám)

1988-09-01 / 1. szám

REMARKS BY THE PRESIDENT DURING SIGNING CEREMONY FOR CAPTIVE NATIONS WEEK PROCLAMATIONS IDÉZETEK: "PRESS RELEASE FROM OFFICE OF THE PRESS SECRETARY, THE WHITE HOUSE THE ROSE GARDEN, July 13, 1988." Az Egyesült Államok elnökének beszéde a Rab Nemzetek Hete ünnepélyes megnyitása alkal­mából hangzott el. Jelen voltak a különböző hírszolgálatok tudósitói, az Egyesült Államokban élő nemzetiségi' csoportok képviselői és különböző maqyar egyesületek vezetői is. Az alábbi idézetek osak részletei REAGAN eínöktl percig tartő beszédének. * * * "THE PRESIDENT: Thank you all very much. Thank you. Well, honored guests and fellow A-merlcans, today we mark the 30th commemoration of Captive Nations Week. "Just nine days ago, as America celebrated Independence Day, we reaffirmed the univer­sal ideal on which this country is founded — a vision of liberty not just for one nation, but for all nations. As Americans we speak out, we work for the freedom of others, and in do­ing so we remember who we are, what we have, and what America stands for in the world. For know that to stop striving for the freedom of other nations could soon bring our own freedom into question. "Well, in the 20th century, we've witnessed nation after nation fall captive to a for­eign power and an alien ideology. The tragic fate of these cative nations was foretold by Le­nin with this simple instruction. He said, 'The interests of socialism are above the right of nations to self-determination.' Well, from that belief came the forcible occupation of the Baltic states and other lands; the subjugation of central Europe; the crushing of the Berlin uprising of 1953; the Soviet invasion of Hungary in 1956, Czechoslovakia in 1968, and Afghan­istan in 1979; the repression of Poland's solidarity and of the people of Bulgaria and Roma­nia; and the cruel communist domination of Cuba, Vietnam, Laos, Cambodia, Angola, Ethiopia, Nicaraqua, and others. "But the tide has been turned. Despite decades of suffering, the will to freedom i s a­­live, it has survived its tormentors, it will outlast the conmunists. "And truly, I can think of no time in my adult life when the prospects for freedom were brighter than they are today. The free world is strong and confident. The communist idea is discredited and, around the world, new progressive forces are emerging as political change and liberation sweep the globe. America will continue to encourage the movement toward freedom democracy, and reform by holding firm to our principles and speaking openly and truthfully a­­bout human rights and the fundamental moral difference between freedom and communism. And A - merica shall light the path as the whole world climbs out of the dark abyss of tyranny to free­dom. "And while America applauds the changes we are witnessing, the standards remain unchang­ed -- and these are not standards arbitrarily applied from outside,but the Soviets themselves have formally agreed to we continue to insist on full implementation of the Helsinki" Accords and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights. "When we look around the world, to Europe, Africa, Asia, and Latin America, we find that bonds of language, faith, and kinship have not been replaced by a new order built on class struggle..The yearning for national independence has not been extinguished by the totalitar­ian state, And the tide of history has been revealed to all mankind to be rising tide of free­dom and national liberation. " On behalf of Vice President Bush and myself, this pledge we make to you to all the pe­oples of the captive nations around the world: America will never cease to speak the truth. Your struggle is our struggle; your dream is our dream. And one day you will be free. "Thank you, and God bless you. (Applause). * * * * REAGAN elnök beszéde percekig tartó es igen lelkes ünneplést váltott ki a kb. kétszáz főnyi hallgatóságból. - Szerk.- 2 -WASHINGTONI KRŐNIKA XIII. ÉVFOLYAM 1988. SZEPTEMBER HÓ