The Hungarian Student, 1961

5th Anniversary OFFICIAL PFRIODICAL OF THE UNION OF FREE HUNGARIAN STUDENTS of the Hungarian Revolution 1961 OCTOBER PUBLISHED BY U.F.H.S., P.O.B. 162, GENEVA 1, SWITZERLAND THE OPINIONS OF STUDENTS AROUND THE WORLD ON HUNGARIANS Students resolutions and statements after the Hungarian Revolution Resolution of solidarity with the people of fighting Hungary—adopted at the Plenary Session of the Supreme Council of the POLISH STUDENT ASSOCIATION. The Plenary Session of the Supreme Council of the Polish Students’ Associa­tion expresses its complete solidarity with the Hungarian people, with their heroic youth and with their students, who together undertook to fight for sove­reignty, for a socialist democracy, and for a pratical rebirth of socialist thought. We bow before the tragedy of the Hungarian people who paid with the blood of thousands of patriots for its justified demands of full liberty, demo­cracy, and national independence. We condemn those, whom, possessed by the desire to rule, we hold directly respon­sible for the horrible tragedy of the Hungarian people, that is, the anti­­popular stalinist clique of Rákosi and Gero. We consider that the Hungarian people have every right to determine for themselves their destiny and their future. This is why we consider it inad­missible and contrary to the spirit of international law that other states inter­vene in the internal affairs of Hungary. We consider that the intervention of the Soviet Army complicated the situation and rendered more difficult a decent solution by the forces of the popular front of the Hungarian problems. Even the fact that the cause of socia­lism and of genuine internationalism are no strangers to us, we feel that Hungary must evolve for herself the problem of the Hungarian people. We are in the fortunate position that our people knew how to obtain positive results for our demands without shedd­ing blood. We promise to observe faithfully the directions of the party leaders, to remain calm, prudent and resolute. We promise in these days, so distressing for the Hungarian people, to remain faithful to democratic socialist theory and to national independence. In this way, we show most concretelly our attachment to the Hungarian people. Equally, we promise to develop all forms of material medical and financial aid for the victims of the Civil War. Honour to the dead. Victory belongs to free Hungary. Warsaw, November 6, 1956. Indonesia—Joint Communique on Hungary The National Union of Indonesian Students (PPMI) and the Union'of Free Hungarian Students (UFHS) published the following joint communique on in 1957, signed by the Vice-president of UFHS, Alpar Bujdoso and Augustin Aminoedin, President of PPMI: After a four-week visit in Indonesia, during which friendly relations were established with PPMI, its member or­ganisations and other student organisa­tions in several university centres in­cluding Djakarta, Jogja, Bandung. Sura­baya and Malang, the delegation of the Union of Free Hungarian Students Bandung, May 27. 1957 : Hungarian student delegation with the representatives of the Bandung Press. (UFHS) discussed cordially with the Executive Committee of PPMI certain common problems. Having considered: The resolution of the Sixth Inter­national Student Conference (Ceylon, September 1956) on colonialism and totalitarianism, which recognises that students are involved in the struggle for national independence, and deplores that in many countries dictatorial and totalitarian regimes are endeavouring to distort the freedom of access, study, teaching and administration of univer­sities. making them political instruments for the strengthening of particular groups rather than autonomous communities devoted to free research; The constitution of the International Union of Students (IUS) which among other things aims for a better standard of education, full academic freedom and students’ rights and the promotion of national culture, appreciation of the culture of all peoples and the love of freedom and democracy; The final communique of the Afro- Asian Student Conference in Bandung in 1956 which condemns and resists colonialism in all its aspects and reco­gnises the right of people and nations to self determination; (Continued page 2)