The Eighth Hungarian Tribe, 1984 (11. évfolyam, 1-12. szám)

1984-01-01 / 1. szám

WHAT IS THE EIGHTH TRIBE? The Hungarian Nation when entering the Car­pathian Basin in the 9th century A.D. was composed of seren Magyar tribes of Scythian origin. Many hand reds years later some of the people left Hun* guy for a newly disco re red land — and this segment became the Eighth Tribe. To those who were born in this land, speaking or not the Hungarian language. Reformed, Lutheran, Catholic or any other faith, eren if only a ttace (jf Hungarian origin in them, to these this Magasine fs dedicated. There are many social activities pursued by today's generation to further or keep up some of the Hungarian customs in their own respective sreas. We would like to bring all these to our readers, so they know what is happening in Pittsburgh, Cleve­land, Detroit, Chicago, New York, Florida and Cali­fornia or wherever it may be. Send us pictures and descriptions of your groups. There are many of the second and third genera­tion, who have achieved distinguished fame in their fielda. We would like to bring this to the attention of oar readers, so all of us can be proud of their achievements. The first issue of The Eighth Tribe was pub­lished April, 1974. This magazine is and remains the “LIFE LINE” that keeps us together, ihat makes us and shapes us into a national Family. ☆ If this reading is your first acquaintance with “THE EIGHTH TRIBE”, we hope you find it informative and enjoyable and that in time you will become one of our regular subscribers. ☆ As you see people are publicly declar­ing their membership in and their sup­port for the Hungarian Eighth Tribe Foundation. Why don’t you join them in this great project for the Hungarian Americans of all generation? An ad­ditional $15.00 to your $10.00 subscrip­tion will qualify you to a membership. Hunsband and wife one membership, unless they wish to have a separate membership for $15.00 ☆ Don’t forget to include THE EIGHTH TRIBE as a Gift Subscription to your Friends and Relatives Page 2 THE AIMS OF THE HUGARIAN EIGHTH TRIBE FOUNDATION The HUNGARIAN EIGHTH TRIBE FOUNDATION was officially estab­lished on August 22, 1981 at the Hun­garian Heritage Conference in Ligonier Pennsylvania, U.S.A., to preserve and transplant the values of our Hungarian and Religious Heritage our forfathers brought with them to this new land. Articles of Incorporation were filed with the Department of State of the Commonwealth of Pennsylvania on March 9, 1982, for the purpose of ob­taining a Certificate of Incorporation for a proposed non-profit corporation. The Charter was approved. The name of the Corporation is HUNGARIAN EIGHTH TRIBE FOUNDATION, hav­ing its registered office in Ligonier, PA 15658. It is organized under the Non- Profit Corporation Law of the Com­monwealth of Pennsylvania. The purpose of purposes for which the Corporation is organized are: (a) Foster the Hungarian Heritage in America. (b) Establish and maintain a Hun­garian Cultural and Educational In­stitute in Ligonier, Pennsylvania. (cl Encourage contributions toward the establishment and maintenance of the institute. (d) Publish a journal for the purpose of disseminating cultural, literary, and educational information. (e) Preserve historical materials re­lating to the Hungarian American Heritage. The Corporation does not contemplate pecuniary gain or profit, incidental or otherwise, to its members. The corporation was organized and shall be operated exclusively for the purposes set above. It may promote, establish, conduct and maintain activ­ities on its own behalf or it may con­tribute to or otherwise assist other corporations, organizations, or institu­tions on behalf of the Corporation. It may solicit and receive funds and other property, real, personal, and mixed, and interests therein, by gift, transfer, devise, or bequest. This Corporation is operated as a corporation which will qualify under and be subject to the limitations of Section 501 (c) (3) of the United States Internal Revenue Code. THE EIGHTH HUNGARIAN TRIBE GSSN 0272-1341) Editor .................... Sándor E. Chomos Transylvanian Quarterly: Albert Wass Associate Editm ........ István Zolcsák Columnists: Andrew Haraszti: Cultur-hislorical Essays László Könnyű: Review Victor Molnár: Hungarian Varieties Paul Pulitzer: Hungarian—Americana Ferenc F. Sajgó: Hungarian Life-Line Public Relation............Joseph Sziircsik Assistant Editors: Editorial: Nancy J. Chomos Boeche, Raymond. W. Boeche. Features: Sándor Emery Chomos, Rhonda Ahl Chomos, Bob Chomos. Art ............................. Elias C. Chomos Published monthly by the Bethlen Press, Inc. — P. O Box 637 Ligonier, Pa. 15658, U.S.A. Editor’s Home Phone: 412—834-0169 Second Class Postage paid at Ligonier, Pa. 15658, U.S.A. Printed by Bethlen Printing Yearly Subscription: U. S. & Canada $15.00 Other Foreign Countries $20.00 Foreign Air Mail $30.00 * * # HUNGARIAN EIGHTH TRIBE FOUNDATION Hungarian Cultural and Educational Institute DR. ALBERT WASS DE CZEGE Astor, Florida President, Chairman of the Board SÁNDOR E. CHOMOS Greensburg, Pennsylvania Executive President DR. TIBOR BODI Philadelphia, Pennsylvania Secretary VICE PRESIDENTS: Joseph Sziircsik, California László Könnyű, Missouri Louis Ambrose, Illinois Alex Koroknay, Michigan Dr. Julius Molnár, Indiana Arthur Bartfay, Ohio Louis Pintye, New Jersey BOARD MEMBERS: Rt. Rev. Bishop Dezső Ábrahám, Mich. Dr. Géza Szentmiklóssy Eles, Ohio Tibor Flórián, Connecticut Dr. George C. Szegő, Virginia Zsolt Vigh, New Jersey Rev. Francis E. Luddy, Jr., Penna. Col. Michael Kovats Historical Society Gay B. Banes, Legal Advisor, Duquesne, Pennsylvania The Eighth Tribe