The Eighth Tribe, 1975 (2. évfolyam, 1-12. szám)

1975-01-01 / 1. szám

The EIGHTH TRIBE LG) u-ON f-H ÍC C P z < o z p o > BLOOD UNION OF THE SEVEN TRIBES “Come before me, ye seven Chiefs”, the Táltos said in a loud voice, “and you Kabars, who are joining us, do the same. Pledge your oath to your Leader, Arpad, and his descendants!” The chiefs approached the Táltos, one by one. One by one, they slit the flesh of their forearm and let their blood flow into Atilla’s cup. Last came Arpad. The Táltos mixed wine with the blood, poured a small amount on the ground, and sprayed a few drops into the wind, in four directions. Then he gave them the cup, and one by one, they drank from it. “From this day on”, the Táltos declared, “all the Magyars and Huns and Kabars shall be one nation, as your blood has become one in this cup.” (Complete story in the February issue) So was the formation of the Hungarian Nation consisting of seven tribes. Many hundreds years later some of the people left Hungary for a newly discovered land — and this segment became the Eighth Tribe. Send Form 3579 to The Eighth Tribe—Circulation Department, Bethlen Press, Ligonier, Penna. 15658 NYOLCADIK TÖRZ?