The Bethlen Home Messenger, 2000-2001 (1-4. szám)

2000-11-01 / 1. szám

125 Kalassay Drive, Ligonier, PA 15658-8726 NOVEMBER, DECEMBER 2000 » JANUARY 2001 » WINTER ISSUE ^ctüritpüígíjltgíjtő GROUNDBREAKING AT BETHLEN HOME Pictured above are members of the Presbyters and Ministerial Association breaking ground for the new Bethlen Home Nursing Center. Labor Day of the year 2000 was a time of thanksgiv­ing and joy at the Bethlen Home in Ligonier, PA. The Ceremonial Groundbreaking for our new nursing care facility took place involving more than 100 people. The bright, sunny day began with the conclusion of another, very productive, annual American Hungar­ian Reformed Presbyters Association meeting. Un­der the leadership of President Frank Dudás, the more than 60 church leaders gathered, affirmed their love for our Lord and their commitment to the future of our congregations. We give thanks to God that He has blessed our churches with many fine lead­ers. At 11:00 a.m. the annual church service hosted by the Presbyters Association and the American Hun­garian Reformed Ministers Association took place in the Bethlen Home Chapel. For the first time in many a year, the Chapel was filled. The singing was enthusiastic, the sermons delivered by the Rt. Rev. Louis Medgyesi, Bishop of Calvin Synod and the Rt. Rev. Laszlo Csorna, Auxiliary Bishop of the Hungar­ian Reformed Church in Slovakia were inspirational and the Sacrament of Holy Communion was very moving. God's Holy Spirit blessed the worship ser­vice. After church, the Bishops and clergy led a proces­sion of presbyters, officers and members of the Hun­garian Reformed Federation of America, Bethlen Home residents and employees, members of the Ligonier community and guests from the Chapel, up the hill to the future site of the new Bethlen Home. During the procession, participants sang many of our well-known hymns in both Hungarian and English. On the hilltop overlooking the Ligonier Valley, groundbreaking ceremonies were led by Bishop Medgyesi and the Rt. Rev. Alexander Forro, Bishop of the Hungarian Reformed Church in America. Ten shovels, all painted gold, were in place and available to all who wished to turn earth. The building site was dedicated to the glory of God. We gave thanks to Him, and we asked that He continue to lead the building project forward. After the Groundbreaking Ceremony, all participants were invited to a big picnic prepared by the Bethlen Home Staff. As this wonderful time of fellowship drew to a close, the presbyters bade farewell and left for home, while the ministers and the HRFA Board of Directors began their separate, two-day meetings. The theme for the construction of the new Bethlen Home is found in the first verse of Psalm 127: "If the Lord does not build the house, the work of the build­ers is useless"...From the very beginning of the Bethlen Home's Strategic Planning process, partici­pants looked to the Lord for direction and strength. It is important that the vision we see be the vision God would have us see. It is important that His will be done, and that we be a part of accomplishing what He would have us do. continued on next page...