The Bethlen Home Messenger, 1997 (1. szám)

1997-06-01 / 1. szám

P.O. Box 657, Ligonier, PA 15658-0657 SUMMER 1997 ISSUE JUNE - JULY - AUGUST JVcttèttç BETHLEN HOME HONORS VOLUNTEERS The Bethlen Home Administrative Staff recently honored the Home's Volunteers with a special luncheon and award presentation program during National Volunteer Recognition Week in April. Sixty Volunteers were in attendance, and the afternoon was filled with great fellowship. Special honors were given to Beacie Mack and Roberta Mayer for Volunteers of the Year. Mario Battaglia also received honorable mention as Volunteer with most hours. Many "Thanks" to the Dietary Department, Edith Kovács and Esther, for the wonderful meal. "Thanks" to Florence Wood and Pastor Randy Johns for delivering messages. They were wonderful and very inspiring to us all. "Special Thanks" to the Activity Staff for doing such a beautiful job on the decorations and the program planning. The afternoon was enjoyed by all. Pictured at Top Left: Volunteers of the Year, Beacie Mack and Roberta Mayer. Pictured at Top Right: Activity Staff Members Florence Wood, Jennifer Celia and Jean Sears. Pictured at Bottom Right: A view of several Volunteers who attended our luncheon.