The Bethlen Home Messenger, 1996 (1-3. szám)

1996-03-01 / 1. szám

SPRING ISSUE • MARCH • APRIL • MAY • 1996 P.O. Box 657, Ligonier, PA 15658-0657 Pigljítgljts KING AND QUEEN OF HEARTS CONTEST Tradition holds that each February several residents are nominated to run for King and Queen of Hearts. The winners are determined by the number of votes received from staff, family and residents. The nominees are then honored with a Sweetheart Luncheon and will reign over the Valentine Party. This year's nominees are the following: QUEEN qp KING qp Elizabeth Neiderheiser Clarence Neiderheiser Susan Wargo Dallas Moore Esther Forsythe Bob Miller Alice Kocka Clair Pritts This year's winners were Clair Pritts and Esther Forsythe. Everyone was presented with a Valentine's Day token of appreciation for their sportsmanship and great spirit. Queen Esther Forsythe The Traditional Valentine kiss with the King and Queen King Clair Pritts