Magyar News, 2002. szeptember-2003. augusztus (13. évfolyam, 1-12. szám)

2002-09-01 / 1. szám

For nearly three decades the Hungarians in New Brunswick celebrate their heritage at the beginning of every summer. Depend-ing on how many work­ers volunteer the festival could be one, two or three day long. This year they were able to handle one day only. The pictures of this article could give you an idea of what a one day festival looks like. You also have to bear in mind that these photos hardly scratch the surface. One could never see all the people together because so many events were going on at the same time. The whole street where the churches, the Athletic Club, the Hungarian Museum and the schools are, was closed for the day to any kind of traffic. One had to walk everywhere, to see the venders and pur­chase the books and gifts, to taste the lán­­gos and the laci pecsenye, or to have a proper Hungarian lunch at the restaurant It was hard to keep to the schedule of the interesting and joyful events. Well let us start at the beginning. The opening ceremonies were held in the Museum Courtyard of the American Hungarian Foundation. As soon as the church bells quieted Professor August Molnár, President of the Foundation said welcome. With their prayers the churches were represented by Reverends Stephen Galambos, Barnabas Roczey, and Stephen Skinta. Greetings were given by the Honorable James Cahill, Mayor of New Brunswick and representing Hungary the Honorable Péter Sárközy. Singing the Hungarian National Anthem led by László Hajdú Nemeth filled many eyes with tears. The joy came back as soon as the children of the Hungarian American Athletic Club folk dance group started their performance to the music of Életfa Band. During the day in several locations one was able to enjoy the Ritka Magyar Folk Dance Group, the Csürdöngölő, also the Regös Folk Dance Ensembles. We are used to speak English, and if one hears Hungarian that is the exception. At the festival it was the other way; speak­ing Hungarian was the norm. Though we ran into people from other ethnic groups. Top: The festival took place in Somerset Street. Above: Professor Molnár addressing the people (left) in the Museum Courtyard of the Foundation Right: The Junior Folk Dance Group of the HA AC. Below left: The Ritka Magyar Dancers perform­ing in the street. In the foreground the next dancers are waiting for their turn. Right: The vendors under shading tents offer food and gifts. Page 2 *7tn ANNUAL Hungarian Festival New Brunswick, New Jersey