Magyar Herald, 1996 (1. szám)

1996 / 1. szám

1996 First Issue MAGYAR HERALD PAGE 3 32ecadA{'Past Etette Q( Qui Wufftur M The Commemoration of the 1956 Revolution with guest speaker Steve Kabay, an actual Freedom Fighter, as a Dinner Celebration was held on Sun­day, October 15 at St. Emeric Hall. An impressive commemoration was also held for Prof. Dr. Ferenc Somogyi and a plaque was presented to his widow. October 23, 1956 had shaken the entrenched Soviet empire to its very foundation. Without that glorious free­dom fight, the spectacular changes of the last few years would not have taken effect for a long, long time to come! □□□ The meeting of the Directors of The Magyar Club of Cleveland was held on Tuesday, September, 19,1995, at the home of Mr. and Mrs. Ernest Toth. Ruth Toth prepared a very nice supper. The minutes of the previous meeting were approved as presented. Discussion centered on the promotion of our two upcoming events - the Com­On Saturday, February 10, 1996, Mr. Gustáv Enyedy will give a talk on geneal­ogy as part of the program for our event at St. Thomas Lutheran Church on Lake Av­enue. A goulash soup dinner is planned for this event at 6:30 p.m. 9509 Lake Av­enue. The cost is $12.00. Please call Ruth Toth at 931 -9228 □□□ March 8, Friday - Transylvania's Arch­bishop Reception Dinner at St. Margaret s Church. Dinner 6:30 p.m. Co-sponsored by the Cleveland Magyar Club. $15.00 per person. The Most Rev. Dr. György Jukubinyi from Alba Julia will give a heart­breaking report about the condition of Magyar churches and their schools in Tran­sylvania, which are in desperate need of American help. Reservations should be made by calling Ruth Tóth (931-9228) or Frank Dobos (333-2967). memoration-Dinner on October 15 and the Christmas Party on December 9. The Christmas party tickets will cost $24 per person, including one drink. Dezső Ladányi will ask Betty Rose Galganyi and her sister to chair the raffle. Joe Jeromos will lead Christmas carols if no other entertainment is pro­cured. The menu will feature roast pork and chicken paprikash. Board meeting was held on Novem­ber 13 in William Köteles's PEMCO Of­fice in Brecksville. Ruth requested per­mission to change the checking ac­count from Ohio Savings to Metropoli­tan Savings to get a higher rate of in­terest. The upcoming Christmas Cel­ebration was the main topic of discus­sion. □□□ Bartók Memorial. At the 50th anni­versary otBéla Bartók's death, an em­bossment of the composer was placed on his house in New York City. The text read: "The great Hungarian composer ooo March Meeting of the Board of Direc­tors will be held with a 12:30 luncheon at the Hilton-South on Rockside Road on March 23, Saturday. □□□ April 20, Saturday - Annual Election Meeting at 1:00 p.m. All Magyar Club members are invited and encouraged to attend this all important annual event. It will be starting with a delicious family-style mid­day dinner at Sterle's Restaurant on East 55th Street. (Across the street from Hoffbrau House). It will include Slovenian bone soup, salad, roast-pork, bécsi szeleit (Wienerschnitzel), sausage, sauerkraut, vegetables and strudel. The cost is $15.00 per person. Advanced reservations/pay­­ment may be made through Ruth Tóth (931-9228) - 3301 SOM Center Road, Chagrin Falls, Ohio 44022. The reserva­BÉLA BARTÓK (1881 -1945) made his home in this house during the last years of his life." Dr. Andor Sziklay, our Club's distin­guished honorary member, received a special plaque from the Hungarian gov­ernment for his invaluable promotion work. □□□ Our Annual Festive Christmas Celebration was held on December 9th, Saturday evening, at the First Hun­garian Reformed Church Hall (14350 Alexander Road, Walton Hills, Ohio). The dinner was prepared by the ladies of the church. The evening included orchestral music, Christmas carolling in both Hun­garian and English, dance music was played by the Joe Jeromos Orchestra, and was followed by a raffle with many wonderful prizes. This event was truly the greatest get-together of precious fellowshipping. □□□ tion deadline is April 15. □□□ An Installation Dinner will be held in May. The place and time will be announced at a later date. The Bicentennial and Mis­kolc Sister-City Events will also be an­nounced. □□□ The Board, with a unanimous vote, recommends to members to change the one year term to a two year term for the officers of the Club. The Board also approved the membership appli­cations of Edward Ágoston and Margery Demeter Thompson. The Board unanimously approved to return to the First Hungarian Reformed Church's Bethlen Hall for the annual Christmas Party again. The date is set for December 14,1996, Saturday. Our Magyar Herald since 1987 was published quarterly each year. Due to in­creases in printing and postal expenses, the Board reduced the number of issues to 3 per year. This present issue is the first issue of the year 1996, our 33rd in succession! Eiterte ©w Wlcu^ctr C&tfr Our Club's Board of Directors meeting on January 13th set the following important events for the first few months of this year: