Magyar Herald, 1992 (4. szám)

1992 / 4. szám

Page 4 MAGYAR HERALD 4th QUARTER, 1992 The Book Corner The crown lands ofhistorical Hungary are again in the spotlight; yes, Croatia, Slovenia, Slovakia, Transylvania, Voivodina, Burgan­­land, and Carpatho-Ukraine. If you were educated in American schools or in Hungarian schools after 1949, it is very likely that you have not had the historical perspective given to you which would enable you to better understand and evaluate what is going on today. This means that one has to develop his own historical foundation through reading. We suggest a few of the many books available because of their style, veracity, and the fact that they were written by Hungar­ians. A History of Hungary by Dominic G. Kosary. The Benjamin Franklin Bibliophile Soc. 1941. History of the Hungarian Nation by Steven Béla Várdy of Duquesne University, 1969 Danubian Press. Faith and Fate by F. Somogyi and L. Somogyi (Magyar Club members), Kárpát Publishing Co., 1976. The Spirit of Hungary by Stephen Sisa, Ontario, Canada. Dr. Stephen Szabó: "The March of Truth". Eerdmans Publishing, Grand Rap­ids, Michigan. Four English editions. Sold out Dutch version printed in Holland. French being translated. Hungarian version under print in Budapest. The Changing Politics by Dr. Stephen F. Szabó, St. Martin Press, New York. ' ' Diplomacy of German Reunification ' ' by same author and press (just off the press). With special credit to Hungary for tearing down the Iron Curtain. Dr. Stephen F. Szabó is Associate Dean at Johns Hopkins University. Advanced Inter­national Studies, Washington, D.C. "Cleveland State University Lecture Series in Hungarian History, Literature, Arts and Sciences." edited by Dr. Sándor Ilona and Dr. Vaskó Ilona. "Hungarian Americans in Cleveland" by Susan Papp, Cleveland, 1981. I The Season of | 1 Gratitude Attitude | J Hie Forthcoming Great Event in the Sea- • ; son will be our Magyar Club's Annual Christ- a $ mas Celebration on December 12, Saturday, jk 1992 in the Omni Hotel of the Cleveland Clinic This Christmas Party will be the festive | closing event of our Club's 68th year. Social hour is at 6:30 p.m., and dinner % J will be served at 7:30 p.m. Music will be by * "The Hungarians" from Akron, Ohio. We * % will have the traditional Christmas Carolling £ j and our usual dance. Price is $25.00 per | j person. Chairman: László Bojtos. For infor­« mationandreservations,call(216)526-4587. 4* Holding On (Continued from page 2) did not know anything about Hungarians. From personal experiences, I have deducted that not many Hungarians live in my area. As a matter of fact, it would be very unusual for me to encounter someone of the same nation­ality as me. When I would tell my friends that I was Hungarian, they would be astonished. In a way, it made me feel special Being a proud Hungarian, I would introduce my friends to Hungarian food or attempt to teach them simple Hungarian words or how to count in Hungarian. As a result, my friends were truly intrigued. Though I was different, it did not bother me. I enjoyed being different. For many years, I traveled thirty miles every Sunday to attend church. I used to attend Sunday School until I received my communion and was confirmed, following my confirmation, I taught Sunday SchooL During Christmas, I would go caroling with my church; and when there were festivals, I would help bake Hun­garian pastries which were sold at the festi­vals. Events (Continued from page 3) John's Hungarian Greek Catholic Church in Solon. Featured will be our Hungarian-Ameri­can heritage with small exhibits, a documen­tary film of Toledo, Ohio, as presented by Peter Ujvági, and typical ethnic food. Otto Friedrich and Louis Peska in charge. OOO Election Night, April 23,1993, Friday - Hurka-Kolbász Dinner. President László Bojtos in charge. OOO Magyar Club Membership Dues for the 1992-93 fiscal year are requested. The time is here to meet our annual obligation to pay our dues of $25.00, which is very nomi­nal. Checks are to be made out to Magyar Club, and are to be mailed to our treasurer, Lillian Kautzky, 5663 Brecksville Road, Cleveland, Ohio 44131. This fiscal year has been designated "Ban­ner Year" for recruiting new members. Every present member is asked to bring in one new member until March 18, 1993, when a big celebration is planned for a formal reception ! Let us all do our part. OOO CONGRATULATIONS to Mr. László Molnár, member of our Club. On October 23, he will receive an "Honorary Citizen" award and a golden ring in Zala-Szentgot­­hard Hungary. He gave a donation of $25,000 for the erection of the "Hősi Emlékmű" in honor of the martyr-dead of the Hungarian Freedom Fight. His wife, Erika, accompa­nied him for the tour of honor. OUR SYMPATHIES to the family of Lenke Gombos. At the close of printing came the sorrowful news that Lenke Gombos, our Club member, had died. She was the widow of Zoltán Gombos, life-time active member and promoter of the Cleveland Magyar Club. 'Guide to Local Hungarian Radio Programs^ WELW - 1330 AM - Cleveland. Sunday noon to 1 p.m. Ernest Hudák Memorial Radio Hour, hosted by Mrs. F. Frendl. WUJC - 88.7 FM - Cleveland. Sunday 2 p.m. to 5 p.m. "Bocskay Rádió" hosted by László Berta and Kálmán Elek WCPN - FM - Cleveland. Sunday evening 6 p.m. to 7 p.m. Hosted by Kati Kapossy. WCSB - 89.3 FM - Cleveland. Saturday 10 a.m. to 11 am. Hosted by Kati Kapossy. The oldest, Hudák, and the two Kapossy programs, are hosted by Cleveland Magyar Club Members.