Magyar Herald, 1992 (4. szám)

1992 / 4. szám

4th QUARTER, 1992 ír Üzenet az amerikai magyaroknak Ábrányi Emil- A század elejének magyar költője -"S úgy éljetek künn az új világban Míg vándorlástok bus évadja tart, Hogy hozzatok díszt nemzetünk nevére, Hogy bennetek tiszteljék a magyart! Elég nekünk a pártok rút viszálya, Irigy gyülölség, mérges bosszú vád! Szeressétek ti idegenben Nálunknál jobban a magyar hazát! Message to magyars in America By Emil Ábrányi Hungary's poet at century's Hist decades "So live your life there in far-away Land Until your journey will remain at hand, That you bring glory to this Nation's Name, And in you others may honor the same! Enough here of rude strife of all factions, Enough of hatred, greed, accusations! You show forth more at distant location Love that's stronger than ours for this Nation! The above poem has a most timely communication to us at the present. Now is the time for us to show that we "far-away magyars" love our Motherland more than those in the Land left behind. The fate of magyars colored by Muhi, Mohács, Arad, Trianon and Y alta has been the most tragic of all nations of this world. These sorrowful remembrances bring us face to face with the crucial question: While here - after a bygone total century - we still do carry on our own identity, language, heritage, culture freely, can we afford to ignore the hand-to-hand and foot-to-foot battle of our magyar-kin in Europe's Succession States raging at the present on soil formerly their own for one thousand years? Can we be with them and work for them to preserve who they are and what they are. If all are against them, can we be with them? At last before our own seeing eyes the Iron Curtain came down, the Berlin Wall collapsed! The map drawn in Trianon and affirmed in Yalta to satisfy the wish and whim of the Northern and Southern Slavs is being re-drawn by current history. Among others, our four page "Magyar Herald" entered through the opened Gates. Small and meager though, but it is received with warmest hearts abroad. A recent letter, special delivery from Carpatho-Ukraine of all places, brought a communiqué: "It is a wonderful feeling to get a glimpse into your life overseas. We know and feel - as you do - and share the same fate: we are also 'far-away' from the Motherland, (nota bene: 20 or 30 miles in comparison to our 4,000 miles!) But we are united with you. It is truly difficult to remain loyal magyars in 'far-away' lands! Small as we are, but now we are global! The action of the Cleveland "Magyar Club" perpetuating magyar culture turned out to be a "mission" to magyar kins even so far-far­away.