Magyar Herald, 1990 (3. szám)

1990 / 3. szám

3rd QUARTER, 1990 Page 3 v . Magyar herald-—*-----ff— 1—..............................TT----------------------:------------------------------The Picture gallery of the Leaders of our Magyar Club . — Miniature verbal portraits /rom past and present — Veronika Elizabeth Ilyts Magyar Club Secretary 1990-1991 Veronika Ilyes has proudly assumed the position of Secretary for the Ma­gyar Club for the 1990—1991 year, after joining as a member in 1989. She is enthusiastically looking for the 1990-1991 year, after joining as a member in 1989. She is enthusiastical­ly looking forward to chairing Magyar Club events such as the Annual Family Picnic in August, and next year’s Cul­tural Program and Membership Drive and in serving as an important part of furthering communication between all Magyar Club members. A native Clevelander, Ms. Ilyes was born July 11, 1960. She has always lived in the greater Cleveland area, seeking an education and career in Cleveland’s medical community as a registered, licensed dietitian. Ms. Ilyes is currently employed at St. Vincent Charity Hospital and Health Center, having spent almost 10 years working in the field of dietitics. She attended Case Western Reserve University, re­ceiving a B.S. degree in Nutrition in 1982, and furthered her studies in nut­rition in graduate school there, as well. Ms. Ilyes is now earning an M.A. in Counseling and Human Services at John Carroll University, hoping to expand her practice to providing psy­chological counseling/therapy to children with eating problems or obe­sity. It is a special interest of Ms. Ilyes to assist in Hungary’s reaping the bene­fits of Cleveland’s rich medical resour­ces and in sharing the talents of Ameri­­can-Hungarians who work as mecical professionals with our Hungarian _ counterparts. She soon hopes to join a local task force of concerned indivi­duals who are committed to this same cause. A great love of the arts and a devo­tion to cultural events motivates Ms. Ilyes to participate in events such as those of Cleveland Ballet and Cleve­land Orchestra. Particularly, she is in­terested in the future plan of initiating cultural exchange for Hungarian Cle­velanders with Hungary in music, dance, and the other fine arts. She has an avid interest in Hungarian art, espe­cially the colorful folk embroideries known to the regions of Hungary. Ms. Ilyes also enjoys improving her repertoire of Hungarian cooking, learning much from her mother, Mag­­dus. Though born here, she is fluent in Hungarian and proud of her ancestry. As a first-generation daughter of Mik­lós and Magdus Ilyes, she strives to keep Hungarian culture alive and known to others through such efforts as language interpretation for her hos­pitalized Hungarian patients. Brother Laszlo, and sister Enikő McAward also preserve Hungarian tradition in their families with their spouses. In the spirit of continuing to spread Hungarian culture and to serve Cleve­land’s Hungarian community, Veroni­ka Ilyes sincerely plans to work toge­ther creating significant contributions that will have lasting benefit and, per­haps lay the groundwork of tradition for Cleveland’s Hungarian descendents. Two former monumental Magyar Club leaders The Magyar Club members have always been active in the Cleveland Community and have been honored by the City. In recent years there are two individuals who are worth men­tioning. Steven W. Kormendy, who has been a supporter of his University Law School of Ohio Northern Univer­sity. He was posthumously given an honorary LLD degree in 1985. Helen Kormendy, his widow, knew of his devotion to the University and has funded the Steven W. Kormendy Lec­ture Series. He was former president of our Cleveland Magyar Club. In 1980 a lectureship in the College of Law was established through an endow­ment gift from Helen E. Kormendy, widow of the late Dr. Steven W. Kormen­dy. The Dr. Steven W. Kormendy and Helen E. Kormendy Law Lecture Fund is used each year to bring prominent jurists to campus to address matters of law in a public forum in the College of law. Dr. Kormendy, who died on January 6, 1985, graduated from the ONU College of Law in 1928 and was posthumously awarded the honorary LLD degree in 1985. The Ohio State Bar Association honored him for fifty years of law practice, and he was long active in events in the Hungarian community of Cleveland. 1990 Kormendy Lecture on Apr. 18, 1990 at College of Law featured Dennis W. Archer Justice Mich. Supreme Court. * Our other former member Zoltán Gom­bos was active in supporting the cultural life for the City of Cleveland. When Play­house Square was in its infancy, he proved that if you have the right kind of enter­tainment downtown, the people of the City of Cleveland would support it. He brought the Budapest Orchestra to Cleve­land and they played to a full house at the Ohio Theater, to prove his point. If you visit the Palace Theater you will find a j balcony dedicated in the name of Zoltán j and Lenke Gombos as a result of a gift made by Lenke Gombos in the name of her late husband, Zoltán. These monuments will remain as long as these institutions survive and they are but two of the contributions and activities of our Magyar Club members worthy of notice.