Hungarian Heritage Review, 1989 (18. évfolyam, 1-9. szám)

1989-01-01 / 1. szám

Your subscription-support will help us to continue helping to bridge the ‘ ‘language-barrier ’ ’ between the older genera­tion of Hungarians in the United States and Canada and the NEW generations of American and Canadian-born citizens of Hungarian descent for the preservation of the Hungarian Heritage TOD A Y and TOMORROW in North America, while also helping to promote a better public understanding of and appreciation for the Hungarian contribution toward the history, development, and quality of life in the United States of America and Canada. HUNGARIAN HERITAGE REVIEW OFFICIAL PUBLICATION OF THE RÁKÓCZI FOUNDATION (CANADA) AND THE RÁKÓCZI FOUNOAHONINTERNATIONAL (USA| /t&k ^Hungarian Jjk WBw ^Heritage SReuieixi VOLUME XV, NO. 9 - rn. Pr.wy*i«n o' in. I, a, «.PO" - SEPTEMBER 1986 The official publication of the Rákóczi Foundation- International, Inc. (USA) and the Rákóczi Foundation (Canada), the HUNGARIAN HERITAGE REVIEW is the only monthly magazine of its kind in North America published IN ENGLISH. An informative publication, particularly for those who can neither read, write, nor speak in Hungarian, it features a variety of articles on Hungarian history, literature, customs, folklore, the Arts, music, and much more. It is a magazine for every Hungarian household in North America. Subscription price: ONLY $25.00 A YEAR and well worth it. Mail your subscription TODAY to: HUNGARIAN HERITAGE REVIEW P.O. Box 2203, Union, New Jersey 07083 Tel: 201-964-8464 HERE’S HOW YOU CAN WIN A FREE ROUND-TRIP TO HUNGARY: 1. Ask your friends, relatives, colleagues to subscribe to the HHR. ($25 per year) 2. Have new subscribers GIVE YOU THE MONEY. 3. Send the total amount of money and names and addresses to HHR so that we can credit you with the total number and amount. 4. The current subscriber who sends in the most NEW subscribers between now and May 1, 1989 will win one FREE ROUND-TRIP TICKET to Hungary. _______________ * * * * _______________ Any Hungarian group — church, club, etc. — that wishes to participate as a group iden­tity may do so. The group that sends in the greatest number of NEW subscriptions will win a dif­ferent, SECOND FREE ROUND-TRIP TICKET TO HUNGARY. This ticket may be raffled off by the winning group for fund­raising purposes. _______________ * * * * _______________ Here is a chance for our family of readers to make personal contributions to our cause-in­common: to reach a larger reader-audience and to create a bigger and better HUNGAR­IAN HERITAGE REVIEW in 1989. The prizes described are being contributed by: Mrs. Margaret Erdei TRAVEL GUIDE 1085 Raritan Road Clark, New Jersey 07066 Tel: 201-381-0260 Specialists in travel in Hungary WIN A FREE ROUND-TRIP AIRLINE TICKET TO HUNGARY (NY-BUDAPEST-NY) AND HELP INCREASE THE READERSHIP OF THE HUNGARIAN HERITAGE REVIEW!