Hungarian Church Press, 1957 (9. évfolyam, 14-15. szám)

1957-11-30 / 14. szám

Under the auspices of: The Reformed Church, the Lutheran Church and the Federation of Free Churches (Baptists, Methodists, Brethren etc.) in Hungary. Editorial Office: Budapest, XIV., Abonyi u. 21. Members of the Editorial Hoard: Publisher: I). I)r. LAJOS VETO ret. Bishop. Prof. (Lutheran i'hureh) Budapest, IX , üllői út 21. Chief of the Editorial Hom'd: Rev. JENŐ PINTÉR (Reformed Church) Rev. IMRE VEÖREÖS (Lutheran Church) Rev. GYULA MURAKÖZT (Reformed Church) Budapest, XJY., Abonyi u. 21. Rev. LÁSZLÓ SZABÓ (Federation of Free Churches) Volume IX« No* 14.-. Budapest, November 30th 1957» SPECIAL ISSUE D. ALBERT BERECZKY GIVING WAY TO TEE DECISION 0? THE DANUBIAN RE­FORMED CHURCH DISTRICT TOOK UPON HIMSELF THE BISHOP'S DUTIES AGAIN After a lapse of two years the Annual Meeting of the Danubian Church Dis­trict expected with keen interest held its session in Budapest on November 14th where besides the constituent members partook the delegates of the other three Districts, and those of the evangelical sister churches as well* János Horváth, the President of the State Office for Religious Affairs and Pál Veres, Head Refer­endary appeared in person on the side of the Ministry of Culture, The Meeting commenced with Bishop D0A. Bereczky's reading the Word and pray­ing who has recovered of the illness lasting more than a year. In the forenoon of the first day’s session Bishop Bereczky gave a thorough examination in his report and made known his decision to give up his post in the concluding passage. The de­sire was uttered in several interventions conneoted with the report that the Bish­op should take upon himself the further service. Besides the ministerial and lay churchmen, János Horváth, President of the State Office for Religious Affairs took the floor as well as Lajos Darányi, Bishop of the Cistisoian Church District, and László Szabó, President of the Baptist Church in Hungary. In his answer the Bishop pointed at the great responsibility of the Meeting pressing him to stay on his duties being in semi-convalescent state. Consenting to the request of the Meeting he asked his fellow-clerks to put aside all calculat­ings and personal ambitions and assume the honest way of the faith together with the cast of mind aiming at the oommon duties* The Meeting adopted the suggestion of the conference of the Seniors and Curators with unanimous enthusiasm according to which the Meeting, not accepting Bishop Bereczky’s resign, asks him to run the District further on0 The Meeting accepted the givings up of Roland Kiss, General Lay Curator and Dean László Pag, Deputy Bishop, then it established the general election for the vacant positions, Day fixed for sending in the votes of the Boards of Elders is December 31 of this year. The reports of the referendpries were then heard by the Meeting, 26 young pas­tors were ordained in a solemn divine service. .">071. Dózsa-uyomibi, 077 XI. .7000.