S. Mahunka szerk.: Folia Entomologica Hungarica 63. (Budapest, 2002)

FOLIA ENTOMOLOGICA HUNGARICA ROVARTANI KÖZLEMÉNYEK Volume63 2002 pp. 135-138. Gullicaena nom n. for Gulliveria d'Abrera et Bálint, 2001 (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae), with notes on the type species of the genus Zs. BÁLINT Abstract: The substitute name Gullicaena nom. n. is established for replacing Gulliveria d'Abrera et Bálint, 2001, a junior homonym of Gulliveria Castelnau, 1878 (Pisces). The lectotype of Thecla gigantea Hewitson, 1867 is designated and the male genitalia of the species is characterized. Key words: Eumaeini, Gullicaena, lectotype, Brazil, Ecuador Gullicaena nom n. The largest American lycaenid butterfly species, Thecla gigantea Hewitson, 1867 is an isolated taxon in the tribe Eumaeini. It was placed in the monotypic "Gigantea-Gruppe" of Thecla by Draudt (1919: 756). The original combination was recently used by Bridges (1988:11.107,1994: IX.127), d'Abrera (1995: 1134) & Murray (2000: 60) until the genus Gulliveria d'Abrera et Bálint, 2001 with T gigantea as type species has been established in an overview of South American eumaeines partly based on my research (d'Abrera 2001: 194-199). D'Abrera (2001: 195) placed the species in the newly erected genus using the name as Gullivera gigantea (Hewitson, 1867), in which "Gullivera" is an unavailable sub­sequent original misspelling of Gulliveria. Dr Gerardo Lamas (Lima, Peru), editor of the Check-list of Neotropical But­terflies mandated by the Association of Tropical Lepidoptera (Gainesville, Florida, USA), friendly pointed out (2002 pers. comm.) that the name Gulliveria d'Abrera et Bálint, 2001 is a junior homonym of the fish genus Gulliveria Castelnau, 1878 (Apogonidae, Perciformes, Actinopterygii, Vertebrata) (type spe­cies Gulliveria fusca Castelnau, 1878 by subsequent designation). As Gulliveria Castelnau was in use after 1899 and has became treated as a junior synonym of Glossamia Gill, 1863 only about a century after its establishment (Eschmeyer