S. Mahunka szerk.: Folia Entomologica Hungarica 63. (Budapest, 2002)

FOLIA ENTOMOLOGICA HUNGARICA ROVARTANI KÖZLEMÉNYEK Volume 63 2002 pp. 119-133. A new genus in the neotropical lycaenid butterfly tribe Eumaeini (Lepidoptera: Lycaenidae) Zs. BÁLINT Abstract: The eumaeine lycaenid genus Margaritheclus, new genus, is described. The type species is Pseudolycaena danaus Felder & Felder, 1865. A lectotype for Pseudolycaena danaus Felder & Felder, 1865 is designated. Two additional species, both new to science, are placed in the genus: Margaritheclus belus sp. n. and M. dabrerus sp. n. The phylogenetic relationships of Margaritheclus are discussed. The genus Laothus Johnson, Kruse et Kroenlien, 1997 is the senior subjective syn­onym of Gibbossa Salazar, 2001, new synonym. The following new combinations are established: Atlides havila (Hewitson, 1865), comb, n.; Denivia adamsi (Druce, 1907), comb, n.; Gibbossa barajo (Reakirt, 1867), comb, n.; G. erybathis (Hewitson, 1867), comb, n.; G. oceia (Godman et Salvin, 1887), comb, n.; G. viridicans (Felder et Felder, 1865), comb, n.; Margaritechlus danaus (Felder et Felder, 1865), comb. n. and Micandra celelata (Hewitson, 1874), comb. n. Key words: Lycaenidae, genus groups, new genus, new species, new combinations, South America INTRODUCTION The influential Austrian politician Cajetan Felder and his son Rudolf (who, tragically, preceded his father in death) named 132 lycaenid and riodinid butter­flies in their lepidopterologic magnus opus (Felder & Felder 1865). Amongst them there is the descripiton of a large showy eumaeine species from Venezuela under the name Pseudolycanea danaus (Felder & Felder 1865: 248). This species was later transferred by Draudt (1919: 753) to the genus Thecla Fabricius, 1807 (type species: Papilio betulae Linnaeus, 1758) and placed in the newly formed "7o/­ra/des-Gruppe" with the remarks "er auch vielleicht besser eine Gruppe für sich bildete." The male of P. danaus was described under the name Thecla margari­tacea Draudt, 1919 from Colombia (Goodson 1946: 270) and was placed in the "ifav/Za-Gruppe" by Draudt himself (Draudt 1919: 755). More recently Johnson et al. (1997: 23) placed the species in the newly erected genus Laothus Johnson, Kruse et Kroenlein, 1997 (type species: Thecla barajo Reakirt, 1867, by original